Preparing Your Online Code Repositories for Job Applications

Your online code repositories hosted on GitHub, GitLab and similar platforms are one of the most important tools for recruiters to assess your technical capabilities. They play a big role in the decision on whether you will be invited for a job interview. At Portavita it is usual to go... [Read More]

Why Kafka compression might save you thousands of dollars

Alice and Bob If you work in the IT field, then you might have ended up reading the stories of ‘Alice and Bob’. Alice and Bob are fictional characters commonly used as placeholders. It is a convenient way to tell a story when Alice and Bob are there, instead of... [Read More]

Caveats for running Kafka on K8s

Franz Kafka’s Head - Prague Intro As times change, also technology does. Many of us started their career or studies at what I call the ‘Hardware Times’. Software was running straight on the OS running straight on the Hardware. After that, the Virtual Machines came along. A new layer on... [Read More]

OWASP Dependency Checks and Management of Software of Unknown Provenance

GLOSSARY OWASP Open Web Application Security Project SOUP Software of Unknown Provenance Introduction In this article I’ll try to explain what tools we use to keep our software safe and meet regulatory requirements. First things first: OWASP dependency check [1] is a tool to check if any security issues exists... [Read More]

PostgreSQL: effective_io_concurrency benchmarked

2019-07-22 update: add specs about CPU (number of cores) Intro As mentioned in a recent post, I’m periodically reviewing all the settings of my beloved databases and today I would like to talk to you about a setting called ‘effective_io_concurrency’. effective_io_concurrency instructs PostgreSQL on how our disks are fast (or... [Read More]